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Medical practitioner with expertise in hair disorders

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South Africa

Dr JohnGray trained in the UK and was a General Practitoner in the London area initially in a group practice and for ten years until 2010 as a single handed practitioner. His interests were in family medicine  with special interest in dermatology and latterly trichology.

His interest in hair encompass the holistic management of hair disorders paricularly the cosmetic aspects of hair care and grooming. In addition , the origin of and role of human hair in modern society remains an abiding fascination.

Having published several books on hair diseases he was elected as a member of the European and North American Hair Research Societies and the European Academy of Dermatology. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists and a foundig member of the Oxford Hair Foundation.

In 2010 he moved to Durban ,South Africa where he has long professional ties.

Publications include

The World of Hair - Macmillan

Human Hair DIversity - Blackwell

The World of Hair Colour -Thomsom

A Pocket Book of Hair & Scalp Disorders  - Blackwell

Dandruff: aetiology, pathophysiology & treatment - Blackwell